X-Digital Systems (XDS) Distribution Platform

Cumulus Media Networks distributes programs via the X-Digital Systems platform. The XDS-PRO receiver represents the very latest technology to be applied to radio network program satellite distribution and is packed with features that benefit stations:

• The system is program-based as opposed to a channel-based system. The user schedules programs based upon a title – not a channel.

• Automated program switching: This will allow you to configure sequential program schedules via a personalized web page at http://myxdsreceiver.cmneng.com where you can set up your receiver for the way you use programming. No more having to switch channels manually, or to use external switching devices. Each receiver can execute separate schedules for up to four radio stations, one station per output port.

• Special Events scheduler which allows your programming selection to override your existing program schedule for the duration of the selected Special Event programs. This scheduling feature is valuable and convenient for programming sports or live events.

• Built-in digital recording and playback: In the XDS PRO, you may set the schedule to record network programs to internal receiver memory and play them back, complete with Netcue contact closures, at the playback time(s) you designate via http://myxdsreceiver.cmneng.com.

• Do-it-yourself Netcue relay closures: On your receiver web page you can map any 3-character Netcue code to any relay contact on your receiver with a few keystrokes. Netcues are listed in the Help Menu at the site.

• The XDS web interface allows you to make all of these changes from anywhere on the World Wide Web. No more having to go to the station to make last-minute changes. You can do it from home or from the road.

• Internet features: The XDS PRO should be connected to a broadband, always-on internet connection. This provides you with two main features:

Click on the links under "Helpful Documents" for further detailed information about setting up, programming and using the XDS receiver.

More information and supporting documentation about XDS is available at http://myxdsreceiver.cmneng.com.

Click on “Help” to reach the menu for all of the above subjects.

Cumulus Media Networks has Affiliate Technical Support available Monday - Friday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm ET to assist with questions or information about receivers or the satellite carrier. They can be contacted as follows:

Tel: (914) 908-3210
Fax: (914) 305-9846
E-mail: techservices@cumulus.com

DURING LIVE feeds or outside business hours -- Stations or Clients with technical difficulties should call the Technical Operations Center.

Tel: (914) 908-3220

For sales inquiries or further information about our satellite distribution service:

Tel: (212) 735-1713
Fax: (212) 735-1744
E-mail: ck.bower@cumulus.com